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Our Specialized Delivery Services Ensure Your Shipments are Handled Correctly and Delivered on Time

CHS Transportation is one of the nation's largest private truck fleets, logging nearly 35 million miles annually, with specialized equipment, professionally trained employees and more than 700 vehicles on the road every day. 

CHS Transportation provides safe and efficient transportation of many products that require specialized handling. These include propane, ammonia, refined fuels, fertilizer, biofuels, dry goods, lubricants, commercial manufacturing products, retail fuel, feedstock, fuel additives, and a variety of bulk liquids and liquefied gases. We also contract with a network of third-party carriers to provide you with a unique combination of logistics services to meet all your transportation needs.

All CHS Transportation drivers receive extensive training in handling and transporting hazardous materials and other products that require specialized care. Our fleet includes equipment specifically suited to transporting these products, reflecting our commitment to safety in every aspect of our business.

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