Logistics Management

We Provide End-to-End Logistics Management Solutions

In addition to safe and reliable shipping services, CHS Transportation offers end-to-end logistics management services from trained industry professionals. We specialize in areas such as transportation and supply chain planning, remote inventory monitoring and management, and third-party carrier sourcing. 

As one of the largest private transportation companies in North America, CHS Transportation has the flexibility and knowledge to collaborate with a network of carriers to scale our logistical offerings to meet each customer’s individual needs. Drawing from decades of training and experience, our logistics management teams offer customers unique insights to improve and streamline their operations. 

CHS Transportation maintains a central dispatch office with direct connections to our fleet’s onboard computers, ensuring that the lines of communication are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers also receive access to a user-friendly online ordering and tracking system, easy payment options, and a patronage program offering performance-based dividends for qualified customers. 

How data can improve your fleet efficiency

While data might seem like an intimidating word to some, the information it provides can greatly improve the efficiency of your fleet.

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