Owners and investors

Owners and investors


CHS is committed to providing value for all our owners, including 900 member cooperatives that represent 500,000 farmers and ranchers, plus 75,000 individual farmers and ranchers who sell grain directly to CHS.

Important notice for CHS owners: The CHS Board has proposed amendments to the CHS Articles of Incorporation and CHS Bylaws that would clean up obsolete language and confirm the ability for owners to vote by mail and electronically (through a website or email). Learn about the proposed amendments.


The cooperative patronage model supports farmers and rural America by returning a proportion of the profits to owners. When a cooperative board calculates patronage, it determines what portion will be retained as member equity in the organization, a key source of capital for cooperative maintenance and growth. CHS has returned $895 million in cash patronage to its owners in the past five years.

For equity questions, call 1-651-355-6124 or email CHS Patron Equities.

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Redemption Policy

Preferred Stock

CHS uses proceeds from preferred stock to maintain a strong balance sheet and fuel growth. Five classes of non-voting preferred stock provide capital for CHS investments: 8% Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock (CHSCP) and Class B Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock, Series 1 (CHSCO), Series 2 (CHSCN), Series 3 (CHSCM), Series 4 (CHSCL). All CHS classes of preferred stock trade on the NASDAQ Global Select Market. Dividends, as declared by the company’s board of directors, are paid on a quarterly basis. Learn more about CHS preferred stock

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CHS Annual Meeting

CHS Directors and management share news, financial updates and progress on initiatives at the CHS Annual Meeting each year in early December. The annual meeting gives owners the opportunity to participate in the governance of their cooperative, create connections, ask questions and voice concerns.

2022 CHS Annual Meeting

2021 CHS Annual Meeting recap

2021 CHS Annual Report

CHS Board meeting

CHS Board of Directors

CHS is governed by a 17-member board elected by our producer and member cooperative owners. We welcome fresh ideas and invite cooperative farmer-owners to consider becoming candidates for the CHS Board of Directors.

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Learn more about the CHS Directors

There are six charters that define the respective roles, responsibilities and authorities of the CHS Board of Directors as they govern the cooperative.

Audit Committee
Capital Committee
Corporate Risk Committee 
Executive Committee 
Government Relations Committee 
Governance Committee

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At CHS, we take pride in doing what’s right. The CHS Code of Conduct, which we amended and restated in January 2019, outlines company procedures on legal, regulatory and ethical issues. If you believe someone may be violating the law, the principles or standards included in the CHS Code of Conduct or any applicable compliance policy or procedure, report the violation by email, calling the CHS Compliance Helpline at 888-264-0995 or visiting the CHS Compliance Helpline website.


Learn more about our business partner expectations that apply to third-party partners who conduct business with or on behalf of CHS.