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CHS Capital understands agriculture and the many challenges you face. We also know the importance of capital in growing your business. That’s why we customize our lending terms and the services we offer to make the approval process as hassle-free as possible. As a CHS Capital customer, you’ll have access to an industry-leading team with in-depth agriculture lending expertise, a network of experts across the agricultural chain and competitive rates. The difference you’ll find at CHS Capital is our commitment to the long-term growth and success of producers and the cooperatives and agribusinesses that serve them.

Commercial financing solutions

CHS Capital provides financing options that meet commercial agriculture needs with a variety of loans, including operating, term, revolving and other short and long-term options.

Contact CHS Capital for financing loan products including:

  • Seasonal/operating loans – Seasonal loans fund your current or short-term needs and can be used for financing seasonal inventory and accounts receivable. These loans have a one-year maturity date.
  • Term loans – Finance your company’s capital projects without depleting cash reserves with CHS Capital term loans. Term loans can be used for: purchasing fixed assets, expanding facilities, remodeling/construction, and/or building working capital.
  • Revolving loans – Revolving term loans are available to support temporary working capital shortages.
  • Construction loans – Construction loans can be used as interim financing for facilities construction, much like a line of credit, and are generally converted to long-term financing upon project completion.
  • Leasing – Leasing options are available for equipment and vehicles.

CHS Capital Commercial Base Rate is 4.35%. Last four historical rate trends listed below:

Rate         Date Effective
4.35%      April 20, 2020
4.60%      March 11, 2020
4.85%      November 15, 2019
5.10%       October 1, 2019

NMLS company number #205613

Producer financing solutions

CHS Capital works directly with local retail cooperatives and suppliers to provide financing for production agriculture needs of farmers and ranchers.

Contact your local retailer for assistance in applying for producer financing loan products including:

  • Input loans – Input loans finance the direct purchase of products from CHS and our retail cooperative partners. They’re a convenient way to finance product purchases with limited paperwork and quick decision timeframes. And they provide a no-hassle direct link to your retail supplier for easy servicing and administration.
  • Feed loans – Feed loans finance the direct purchase of feed products from CHS and our retail cooperative partners. These loans offer a convenient way to finance ongoing feed costs through your primary supplier. This no-hassle product provides a direct link to your supplier for easy servicing and administration.
  • Hedge Line - Having access to adequate margin call funds can mean the difference between making the most of a market opportunity and missing out on an optimal price point. CHS Hedge Line, a collaborative program with CHS Hedging, offers pre-qualified customers access to additional capital for hedging without affecting current operating lines of credit. Contact for more information about this special program.

CHS Capital Producer Base Rate is 5.65%. Last four historical rate trends listed below:

Rate         Date Effective
5.65%      April 1, 2020
6.15%       December 1, 2019
6.40%      October 1, 2019
6.65%      September 1, 2019

NMLS company number #205613

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