Group of drivers standing in front of CHS office

CHS launches safe driving recognition program

August 28, 2019 8:30 a.m.

To recognize and encourage safe driving, CHS Transportation and Distribution is launching a program to honor employees who have driven 1 million miles without a safety accident.

In its inaugural year, the CHS Million Mile Safe Driving Award will honor 47 employees for safely completing 1 million miles, 11 employees for safely completing 2 million miles and one employee for safely completing 3 million miles. 

“Attaining 1 million accident-free miles is an outstanding professional accomplishment. These employees’ dedication to safety is a great example of how CHS lives out our core value of safety every day and takes responsibility for the well-being of those living in the communities we serve,” says Patrick Hessini, vice president, CHS Transportation and Distribution. “By encouraging and rewarding safe driving behavior, we’re setting an example across the industry to lead with a safety-first culture and mindset.” 

Employees achieving the 1 million milestone were inducted into the CHS Million Mile Safe Driving Club and received a recognition plaque and personalized leather jacket. Employees that completed 2 and 3 million miles were also honored at an awards banquet.

CHS Transportation and Distribution specializes in the transportation of bulk liquid, petroleum and liquefied petroleum gas products. Its fleet of more than 700 trucks logs nearly 35 million miles every year.