Logistics Management

Logistics management

CHS Transportation and Logistics offers end-to-end logistics management services from trained industry experts. We are your full-service partner to ensure reliable delivery of your products. 

We specialize in:

• Transportation and supply-chain planning • Remote inventory monitoring and management • Seasonal capacity planning and fulfillment
• Third-party carrier sourcing and management

As one of the largest private transportation companies in North America, CHS Transportation and Logistics has the flexibility and knowledge to collaborate with a network of carriers to scale our logistical offerings to meet each customer’s individual needs. Drawing from decades of training and experience, our logistics management teams offer customers unique insights to improve and streamline their operations. 
By working with CHS Transportation and Logistics, we order the product and have confidence it’s getting where it needs to go. CHS Transportation and Logistics helps our business be more efficient and takes a lot of worry and concern off our plate.
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