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About us

CHS transportation and logistics is an industry-leading transportation and logistics solutions provider.

We specialize in bulk liquid transport of products such as petroleum, propane, anhydrous ammonia and liquid crop nutrients, and provide transportation services for many other bulk and packaged products across the United States and Canada.

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What we do

Since launching our transportation services in 1973, CHS transportation and logistics has grown to have one of the nation's largest private truck fleets, logging nearly 35 million miles annually, with specialized equipment and professionally trained employees.

We also have a vast network of third-party carriers to provide a unique combination of logistics services to meet all your transportation needs.

Our fleet

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Efficient, accurate and on-time
CHS transportation and logistics is one of the nation's largest private truck fleets, logging nearly 35 million miles annually. Our professionally trained employees and more than 700 vehicles are on the road every day and ready to serve you.
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Specialized product handling

CHS transportation and logistics provides safe and efficient delivery of many products that require specialized handling. These include propane, anhydrous ammonia, refined fuels, fertilizer, biofuels, and a variety of other bulk liquids, liquefied gases and dry goods.
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Safety is our top priority

All CHS transportation and logistics drivers receive extensive training to properly handle and transport products that require specialized care, including hazardous materials. Our drivers are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to safely and properly move your products.

Additional information

  • US DOT HazMat registration number: 060121 550 148DF 
  • SCAC code: CEXG
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